Ricki Dwyer's work explores the dichotomy between individual autonomy and community strength, the relationship of thread to cloth. He honors drapery as the negotiation that things will never fall the same way twice.

Ricki Dwyer is an artist and educator living between San Francisco and Brooklyn. He is currently teaching with York College and is a 2021 Facebook Artist In Residence. He received his undergraduate degree from Savannah College of Art and Design and an MFA from UC Berkeley. He has exhibited with Anglim Gilbert, SLASH (/), Guerrero Gallery, and the Berkeley Art Museum. He has been artist in residence with Beximco Textiles in Dhaka, Recology San Francisco, Jupiter Woods Gallery London, and The Textile Arts Center New York. He has been recipient of the NEA Grant, Eisner Prize, Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award, and the Queer Cultural Center’s Emerging Scholar Award.